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This model is a deeply discounted resource to help you capture this in a very real-world useful way and is one of the main resources for my comprehensive financial modeling training which you can enroll for on Eloquens and takes you through the following:
This 3 Statement Financial Model  for 5 year 
A financial Model developed for Trading , Export, with Incentive provision .
 This 3-Statement  model 5- year model  is perfect for early stage companies. It is meant for the CEO who wants a 5-year model based on a sales forecast and a limited number of financial inputs. It contains a section for Debt (both short- and long-term), financial statements, and Charts
Features Includes 
Control sheet 
Automatic update Balance sheet 
Automatic update Profit & Loss 
Auto Cash Flow 
Option to see Figures in  various currency 
Charts for your reference
Integrated Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement
Model has tab for Historical Figures which helps you to build future projection
 This template contains clearly-labeled input cells, focusing the user on key assumptions they control, prompting an accurate forecast.

We provide customization and build-out for an additional fee.
Please contact us for more information.
Please let me know for any further information 

3 Stage Financial Model for Merchant( Trader's) Exporter's