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This document serves as a comprehensive tool for salary and Provident Fund (PF) reconciliation. It is designed to help organizations ensure the accuracy and consistency of salary records with their financial books.


1. Instructions Sheet:
   - Overview: Provides guidance on how to use the reconciliation tool effectively.
   - Purpose: Details the benefits of using the tool for identifying discrepancies in salary records.

2. Details Tab:
   - Structure
     - Includes columns for the company's name, relevant dates, and monthly salary details.
     - The first few rows set the context for the data entry, specifying the timeframe (e.g., April to March).
   - Usage
     - Users can input monthly TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) on salary, allowing for a detailed comparison across the financial year.

3. Reco Tab:
   - Structure:
     - Features a comprehensive breakdown of monthly salary reconciliation.
     - Columns for each month of the financial year (April to March) are provided, allowing users to compare the gross salary as per the paysheet/software with the amount recorded in the financial books.
   - Usage:
     - Helps in tracking discrepancies and ensuring that the gross salary figures match across all records.

Key Features:
- Comprehensive Coverage: Includes detailed sections for each month, allowing for thorough reconciliation over the entire financial year.
- User-Friendly: Clearly defined columns and instructions make it easy for users to enter and compare data.
- Purpose-Driven: Designed to identify discrepancies and ensure alignment between salary records and financial books, thus supporting accurate financial reporting and compliance.

- Accurate Financial Records: Ensures consi