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Reading books is the most common trait in the life of all successful people, because it exposes you to new information & perspective. New understanding to handle your real situations.

Life is not easy to live without friends. When it comes to Books, they can be our best friends ever. Good Books enriches our mind with good thoughts and knowledge just like a good friend. We cannot feel alone in the company of books. We can learn many good things while reading a good book. Books written by famous and experienced people helps us to become a better human being and also teach us how to serve the society in the best possible way. When we are alone, we can always pick up a book and start reading to feel relax.

Books are our best friends because they inspire us to do great things in life and overcome our failures. We learn a lot from good books just like a good friend. Books can be good or bad, but it is our responsibility to choose them wisely. Friendship with Good books makes you Good person and friendship with Bad books make you bad person. Books will always be there for you in your bad times. Books teach us to have dreams.

1. Books are our best friends

We all need friends who would be there for us when needed and who would understand us without being judgemental. And books can be our best friends for life, for all the right reasons. Good books enrich our mind and broaden our perspective towards life. What's more, one can never feel lonely in the company of books.

2. They are always there for us

They are always there for us, no matter what. Even in the middle of the night, when everyone else is fast asleep, you can enjoy the company of books. They are a perfect cure for our loneliness.

3. They make us a better person

Reading fiction makes us empathise with others and also opens up our world view. Reading good books makes us a better person, that too without preaching too much.

4. A book always teaches you something.

If you read a love story, you can learn that love doesn’t like prejudices, or that true love basically always win, even if the process of winning may be hard. Instead, if you read a book of Economics, you’ll learn a lot about production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

5. A book doesn’t judge you.

You can read whatever you want without feeling judged by your book! If you don’t enjoy a book, you can put it down without fighting with them; if you want to re-read a novel, you can do it multiple times…A book is always there for you and it never makes you feel judged!

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6. Books open up Your IMAGINATION.

You use all your senses including brain while you read a book. Another thing that make books better than television. When you’re reading a book, it kicks off your imagination. But when you just sit on the couch and binge watch your television, it’s totally unimaginative.

7. Books can make you laugh

Books have this brilliant ability to make you laugh. At times, you won’t even notice that you were reading a book and something you just read brought a beautiful broad smile on your face.

That’s the power of books. Call it friendship or anything you like, but that is the level of bonding that books share with their readers.

8. Books give us hope, courage, and motivation

An ideal best friend will never let you feel down. And the same is true with books. If at any instance of your life, you feel discouraged or demotivated, just pick up a good inspirational book and start reading.

It might not solve your problem, but it will definitely give you hope and courage to face it and find a solution. Books are a huge source of motivation and inspiration.

9. Books take you into the world of adventures

Have you been to Hogwarts?

Well, if you are a Harry Potter fan, you surely have been there. Different such as adventure, mystery, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, etc. take you into the world of fun, excitement, and adventure.

Once you are bonded to reading books, you can visit places you would not have even imagined.

10. Books don’t get angry at you.

Books don’t mind if you hang out with others. They don’t get angry at you even if you ignore them and choose one book over the other. Even if you are reading a book after years, it will treat you the same good way without holding any grudge.


So, these were some of the reasons why I feel books are our best friends. However, I do not intend to mean that only books and not humans can be our best friends. Of course, both can be.

It’s just that it’s pretty hard to find so many qualities in a friend. And if you have such great friend already, consider yourself lucky

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