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Career in Merchant Navy in India -2023

The primary function of the Merchant navy is to transport goods from one place to another. It is the most essential component of world economy. More than 90% of goods are transported all over the world using ships.

The role of a merchant navy officer is to take care of the country's commercial shipping. Individuals who opt for a career as Merchant Navy spend most of their life on a ship sailing through the sea, rather than on land.

Here are some of the Benefits of Joining Merchant Navy in India.

A) Work while you travel the world.

No doubt, you can travel around the world for free as the job is all about seafaring. Working in Merchant Navy is very adventurous and you can travel to almost any corner of the world without having to pay money out of your pocket.

B) Get lucrative pay packages.

As stated earlier, people working in the Merchant Navy have the advantage of being rewarded with lucrative salaries. Young sailors are paid well in US dollars, which is greater than their counterparts onshore in other sectors.

Average starting Salary for Merchant Navy in India is around ₹0.3 Lakh per year (₹2.5k per month). No prior experience is required to be a Merchant Navy. What is the highest salary for a Merchant Navy in India? Highest salary that a Merchant Navy can earn is ₹18.5 Lakhs per year (₹1.5L per month).

C) Get amazing tax benefits

The salary of a non-resident seafarer will NOT be included in the total taxable income of the seafarer. An individual is said to be Non-Resident Seafarer if he is outside India for 184 days or more during the financial year (185 days or more in case of a leap year) for the purpose of employment.

There are no income tax exemptions for merchant mariners/ seafarers. If a crew member of a ship works outside India for 183 days or more during the financial year as per his/ her CDS (Continuous Discharge Certificate) or passport, his/ her residential status changes to a Non-Resident Seafarer.

D) No requirements of fancy degrees

This job profile requires a candidate to complete a bachelor's degree in marine engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, naval architecture and offshore engineering, harbour & ocean engineering or electrical and electronics engineering. Candidates can pursue Merchant Navy courses after completing their Class 10+2 and apply for bachelor's degrees like B Tech marine, B Tech naval architecture, ocean engineering, BBA in shipping, etc. Candidates also pursue Pre-sea Nautical diploma courses after Class 10th.

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Some of the Questions asked about Merchant Navy Jobs

Is Merchant Navy a good option?

Yes, it can be a good career option because of the following reasons: Higher salary: a job in this field is lucrative because of the higher salary and growth potential. Also, most of these jobs offer other perks along with the salary.

Is Merchant Navy a secure job?

Work culture is rated 4.2 at Merchant Navy by 27 employees. While job security is rated 4.0 and work-life balance is rated 3.9 at Merchant Navy. Read detailed reviews by employees of Merchant Navy on AmbitionBox.

Is family allowed in merchant navy? A merchant navy officer can take his/her family on board ship only if allowed by the company or when all the norms of the company are complied with. Here “family” for a married person means only the wife and kids and not parents. Parents are not allowed to go along with the seafarers.

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Is merchant navy a glamorous job?

A career in the merchant navy is considered a glamorous job, especially by the people who have been bitten by the travel bug. It offers an opportunity to visit new and exotic places all around the globe. Merchant Navy career is not only monetarily rewarding but also satisfying and a quite challenging.

Is merchant navy exam difficult?

Is Merchant Navy exam difficult? In order to obtain sponsorship and clear pre-sea training, candidates have to appear for specific exams. The difficulty level is comparatively low as compared to exams from other fields.

Is merchant navy job easy to get?

It is not difficult to make a career in the merchant navy after completing your education; class 12th. You can get a job in the navy by clearing some exams and getting some required percentages in this particular class.

Difference Between Merchant Navy & Indian Navy

Merchant Navy represents commercial marine services that consist of a fleet of ships that are used specifically for the purpose of commercial shipping, whereas Indian Navy refers to nations' maritime military wing where the vessels/ships are solely for the purpose of national security.

Along with Benefits there are some Disadvantages of Merchant Navy Jobs

1. Long periods away from friends and family. the merchant navy enjoys the long holiday but he needs to stay away from his family till his next vacations.

Moreover, what hurts more to seafarers is the inability to attend to any emergency situation or incident in their family back home.

2. There is Risk of Pirates attack These pirates often use weapons such as RPGs and guns at the ship's crew and there have been many cases of violent attacks by pirates, where they have hijacked the vessel, killed some of the crew members, and looted the vessels.

3. The most common reason due to which accidents occur in most ships is when hot work is being carried out in an enclosed space that contains flammable gases, or when flammable gases are present in the adjacent tank. Most of the accidents happen due to the negligence of seafarers to follow basic hot work procedures.

The key skills required for Merchant Navy

  • Decision-making skills.

  • Mathematical ability.

  • Knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems (for engineer officer roles)

  • Engineering designs.

  • People management skills.

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