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What is

Businesses build things that touch our everyday lives. They make products that enable people to drive, fly, power and build… and their products are made possible by some kind of innovation and expertise. But when it comes to the execution of their division’s project. SMEs have been somehow struggling since nativity, and this is one of the biggest challenges for them to gear the projects and consume the least time to execute the project. Fundamentally, they have lack of knowledge and skills to complete the projects. Whereas we have noticed an opportunity and come with a knowledge sharing platform as well as diverse solutions.

Who are we?

The Execkart team is a convergent thinker and we came with a content market platform. Our constant efforts to learn new things in the division of Finance, Human Resource, Logistic, Operation, Sales, Marketing, and Content Curation have made us the best execution consultant.

Our Philosophy

Hunger for knowledge and skills are like propellants to mushroom and get through in the business world. Therefore, recognizable knowledge comes from only two sources first experience and second asking the critical question from ourselves.

Our Vision

Our vision is, to provide a hassle-free execution process to the entrepreneur and executive so that they can complete their project in the least minimum time.

Our Mission

Our mission is, makes the business process easy and convenient for entrepreneurs and executives to perform well in comparison to getting in a mud process.

Through the skills and knowledge of our team and partners, we deliver industry-leading templets, expertise, knowledge, and tools to solve business’ challenges and enable exceptional performance.

Our Values

Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Hassle-Free Execution, Speed & Accuracy, and Positivity.

These are the values and guiding principles that we live by every day.

► We exemplify respect for every person – no expectations.

► We have integrity in all that we say and do.

► We are accountable to each other, our employees, clients, partners, consultant, experts, and


► We are convergent thinkers and execute every project in the least minimum time.

► We are not competing; we are just being ourselves.

► Building positive team and family sprit – without this we can’t breathe… it is that important.

What we are doing

We are proving all documents that young startups and executives will need: such as template, excel spreadsheet, strategy, PPT slid, and resume template, and more. This platform will increase your productivity and will save your time, you can use our template in just one click. We are open to onboard experience professionals.

In the fast-moving world, we have created this platform for people of India and encourage youth, as well as respective experts and leaders to be our partner (Contributor), to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise: through content curation, business template, writing book summary, making tolls and more.

It is totally up to you what amount of time you want to invest on this platform, you can be a side hassler and a full-time professional as well.

Below is the form of experience and induction which you should have and then, we will bring you onboard:

► Any ambitious person and potential leader, who wants to learn, and share

knowledge/perspective of the world through content curation.

► Video and content creator.

► Communication trainer.

► LinkedIn influencer and active post author.

► Human Resource professional.

► Consultant and any manager who is designated in an MNC and potential startup.

► A storyteller who can write story and compel people to take action.

► Professional blogger.

► TEDx and Josh talk speaker or any professional event speaker.

► And last and least we would also love to welcome any CEO, CFO, COO, Founder, Co-founder,

President, VP, AVP of any company.

If you want to be our partner hit the contact menu and write your application. And we will have an association towards your experience, knowledge and expertise.

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