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Top 10 Websites That Help You Build Your Resume

Resume building today is one the most important tasks when you apply for a job. A resume is the first thing an employer looks for even before calling you for the interview. Therefore, Execkart explains you that how your resume should be rightly formatted and professionally designed so that you could be assured about

being called for an interview. So in this blog we have came with 10 websites which would help you in designing the right resume for the interview

Please note that these are our personal lookouts, some other might find some other websites to be

more attractive. Also keep in mind that the order of websites given here are not from 1 to 10 by just a

sequential maintenance.

1. Resume Genius

The Resume Genius builder offers users 15 modern resume templates to choose from, all of which are

highly professional and designed to be ATS friendly.

Additionally, the Resume Genius builder features something many others don’t: the unique option to

add pre-filled bullet points to your experience section.

Each bullet point is pulled from a database of common professions, and is designed to highlight skills

and responsibilities that are relevant to your career. The end result is that our software makes your

resume significantly easier to write.

This website comes with a small cost which you’ll have to pay in case you want to download your


2. Canva Resume Builder

Canva offers a resume builder that is design-centric with a wide range of templates and customization


Where Canva really excels though is the number of template options they provide. In fact, the Canva

builder has so many templates that it is even count them.

Canva’s template designs range from the modern, to the highly professional, to the wildly eccentric,

so no matter what kind of job you’re applying for you will definitely find one that works for you.

However, unlike some other online resume builders, Canva doesn’t offer pre-filled text or provide

advice for how to write your resume. Additionally, you can’t upload your current resume for a

redesign, and will have to fill in each text field manually.

Incase you want to avail some canva pro services, you’ll need to pay a small amount for the same.

3. Kickresume

It’s time to kick start your job with Kickresume. This online resume creating platform makes it

possible for you to create a job-guaranteeing resume. Not only do the templates look good but are also

meant to make you fall in love with your resume. You can avail this effective tool at just a small price

and customize it as per your application requirement. The templates from all the categories are user-

friendly, perfectly depicting any kind of job. Plus, you can always view customer testimonials to get

started with Kickresume.

4. Novoresume

The name seems elegant, so the website content must be refined too. Yes, indeed. Novoresume is an

online resume generator that assures to increase your chances of fetching your job you are looking for.

You can find the latest resume templates that are well-structured, readable, and outstanding. The basic

features are free to use, but you can avail premium ones at a modest fee; you can then avail the best

resume with guidelines on how to create the perfect resume. The best thing is, no matter what industry

niche you belong to, Novoresume lets you come up with the unique blend of perfection, aesthetics,

and optimum functionality.

5. Zety

For all of the Zety’s resume templates, you have to pay. In return, this is what you get:

It has got some impressive auto-suggestion feature which comes handy when writing the section

about work experience and skills. It also consists of very good guides and resume content and it’s

available to anyone without having to sign up for it. It has clean and well-constructed templates which

are simple. One more thing is that is it also has a review system which tells about how your resume

was made and also suggests some improvements if any 

Even this has different pricing for the different packages you choose

This resume builder is actually set up like a resume, so it’s easy to visualize the final product while

filling in each section. It’s more of a guide than a builder, which is job seekers who want a little more

control over the resume building process. One of the unique features offers is an “Import

LinkedIn” option–just click the button and will populate the template with information

from your LinkedIn profile.

Choose “Import LinkedIn” to import your LinkedIn profile as a resume.

This is a free to use website and the resumes can be downloaded in pdf, word document or txt file.

Execkart is a new player in the market of resume builders, but with its researching capabilities it has

also emerged as one the leading resume building platforms. Unlike others, this doesn’t have a lot of

templates to choose from, but the ones which are provided are enough for you to crack through the

ATS portal. It also has a user friendly UI which would be helpful for easy navigation of things.

One of the best things about this website is that it has a team which will provide you with solution to

your queries. They even have blog section which increases the knowledge on various topics related to

resume, interviews and many more which will help you in cracking the job interview. You must also

check their books summaries section which consists of summaries of various books.

Top of all, all these facilities are free of cost as of now.

Visit the Website For More Details-

8. Visual CV

One of the nicest things about VisualCV is that you can edit your resume directly in the live preview

if you want. Rich text copy/paste works flawlessly and there are no glitches. It has a nice, varied

collection of templates. Templates here are customizable. It is even possible to change paragraph

margins, which is quite a rare feature. All the information was easy to find.

It has a paid package which are priced differently for different periods

This website recommends specific templates based on years of experience. Also, the templates were

organized into categories, such as “traditional”, “modern”, and “creative”. You can import your

resume from a PDF file. This feature is not perfect but it works quite well. MyPerfectResume is your

perfect escape to the place where you aren’t stuck for hours deciding what to fill in your resume. The

site maintains its idealistic and every-green approach to provide fresh resume templates that are easy

to use. Just select a template, fill in the basic resume requirements, and receive your resume after a

quick signup session.

10. Creddle

In order to craft your resume, you’ll need to sign up to use Creddle for free. Whether you’re opting to

be creative and want the world to notice your professionalism, you can do anything with Creddle. The

template customization slays the competition as you control the information and the editing tools.

Furthermore, it’s both paper- and web-friendly. Just so you know, you can’t just customize, you can

also link, embed, export, and print your free Creddle resume.

Thank You


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