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When we read books, we are in the company of the best and the noblest minds of all ages. They enrich our minds. Books are a storehouse of knowledge.

Books often provide a person with the ability to judge between right and wrong and the courage to follow the righteous path.

Books indeed provide a pleasurable company and prove to be a trustworthy and lifelong companion.

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Why books are so important?

Books play a quintessential role in every student's life by introducing them to a world of imagination, providing knowledge of the outside world, improving their reading, writing and speaking skills as well as boosting memory and intelligence.

How do books help us in life?

Reading at home boosts school performance later on. It also increases vocabulary, raises self-esteem, builds good communication skills, and strengthens the prediction engine that is the human brain.

From business to leadership, self-help to psychology, you’ll find 100+ good book summaries, organized by category @execkart.

Why are books important for business?

Reading can help you build a better career. “Reading is a very necessary habit for every successful businessperson,” said Ellen Parry Lewis, a fiction author. “It broadens your mind, helps with your written and verbal communication skills, and gives you a certain level of understanding and empathy.”

Books encourage self-educating, self-improvement, and success. Entrepreneurs read books to reveal marketing secrets and get advice on business strategies, as well as develop necessary skills and get new business ideas and motivation.

How reading affects the workplace

The more a person reads, the more likely they are to be well versed in a particular topic. If they read about a variety of topics, the more likely they are to be well rounded.

Both are attributes business owners should seek in employees and themselves. Set the example by regularly sharing top book picks with your team or even customers. In addition to reaping the benefits highlighted above, you’ll strengthen workplace relationships and connections.

Lessens stress

Sometimes, you need to escape your own problems and dive into someone else’s. It may feel like a guilty pleasure, but reading is a great distraction from reality and a way to lessen stress. Distancing yourself from potential stressors can allow you to remain calm and help you prepare for or wind down from an important workday.

While there are many ways to improve work-life balance and take advantage of “off” time to lower stress, reading is worthy of consideration. University of Sussex research on stress reduction evaluated different methods, like listening to music, having a hot beverage, walking and playing video games. The best-performing method turned out to be reading, which reduced stress by 68% and helped slow down the reader’s heart rate and ease muscle tension after just six minutes.

How this helps your career

According to the American Psychological Association, 64% of employed adults say work is a stressor. As a business owner, it’s critical to pay attention not just to your own stress levels but also to those of your workers. You need to combat workplace burnout or else risk decreases in productivity, engagement and retention. A light-hearted book club for employees could be one way to encourage reading and give your staff a break from everyday responsibilities. Don’t forget about reducing stress for yourself as well – an overly stressed person may be able to lead a company in the short term, but there will likely be disastrous consequences in the long run.

Benefits of Reading Books

1. You’ll Learn Actionable Techniques & Strategies

As you read more business books, you’ll discover more ideas and strategies that you can apply to your career. Each book will offer you a different perspective and ‘lessons learned‘ from real-life situations.

You’ll collect actionable techniques you can use right away in your business. Plus, you’ll also be able to learn from others’ mistakes and avoid their pitfalls, rather than having to learn everything the hard way.

2. You’ll Keep Your Subconscious Mind Focused On Your Goals

By reading about business strategies often, you’ll keep your mind focused on the topic. That means your brain will be processing ideas even while you’re doing other things.

In this state of mind, you’ll be more open to inspiration and more likely to come up with your own next brilliant idea.

3. You’ll Improve Your Memory

There’s been plenty of research on the effects of brain-stimulating activities. Reading is thought to be one of the best ways to keep your mind fit. A study in the journal Neurology found that life-long readers reduced their memory decline by more than 30%, compared to other forms of mental activity.

A good memory will serve you well as an entrepreneur in a number of ways. It will improve your ability to socialize with new people, keep you organized and help you learn faster.

Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant



Do you work increasingly long hours with nothing to show for it, or struggle to have enough left to save after all the bills? Robert Kiyosaki, author of the viral book Rich Dad Poor Dad, explains how anyone can move to the other side of the Cashflow Quadrant and flourish with financial independence as a business owner or investor.

Read this book summary to discover a new approach to wealth and risk management and apply your learnings in real life so you can start with small steps that can eventually lead to substantial assets Read More....

Here are some more stats about the benefits of reading:

  • According to a study from the University of Liverpool, those who described themselves as readers were 10% more likely than non-readers to have higher levels of self-esteem.

  • A 2009 study by the University of Sussex found that reading could reduce stress by up to 68%. The effect was better and faster than other relaxation methods such as listening to music or drinking tea.

  • These statistics by SleepJunkie show that 50% of those who read before bed report getting a better sleep than non-readers. Plus, the same study found that bedtime readers slept an additional hour and 37 minutes per week, compared to those who didn’t read in bed.

  • Reading has been shown to make you 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, compared to those who spent their time on less mentally stimulating

Fun Facts: Books read by leading founders, CEOs & entrepreneurs

Here’s a glimpse of what familiar names are reading:

Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future - BY ASHLEE VANCE


On January 7, 2021, Musk was named the richest person in the world with a net worth of $188.5 billion. Remarkably, Musk not only topped Jeff Bezos, but accrued $150 billion of that net worth in the prior 12 months alone. Experts described it as the fastest bout of wealth creation in history,

In Elon Musk, the South Africa-born inventor opens up to writer and reporter Ashlee Vance about the rocky road he traveled to become America’s most innovative modern industrialist.




Do you long for the day when you can work less and travel more? Do you fear that you’ll never have enough money to be able to retire? By following Warren Buffett’s approach to value investing, you can learn how to build an investment portfolio that will give you the financial freedom you need.

The key to Buffett’s approach is to look for companies that you can understand, that have an intrinsic and durable competitive advantage, and that have talented management. Then, calculate a good price at which to buy that company’s shares. Continue Reading......

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