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#Sample Employee Hand book

Are you startup , or new company facing issue in formulating HR policy or how to inform your employees about conduct then has come with Sample Employee Hand book for your reference .

In today world it is very important document where employee expects lot from employer's

We have tried to cover following topics in this hand books .

We have tried to cover following topics

1. Change in Policy

2. Employment Applications

3 Commitments to Ethics

4 New Employment

5 Probationary Period for new Employee

6 Income Tax

7 Office Hours

8 Lunch Periods

9 Break Periods

10 Personal Data Changes

11 Employee Performance Review and Planning Sessions

12 Secondary Employment

13 Corrective Action *

14 Inquiries *

15 Grievances *

16 Termination *

17 Re-Employment

18 Gratuity *

19 Safety

20 Building Security

21 Visitors in the Workplace

22 Expense Reimbursement

23 Benefits Related to Employment or Work

24 Managerial Prerogative of the Company


Smaple Employee Handbook by
Download DOCX • 86KB

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