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Pointers to Be Included in a Fresher’s Resume

In This Blog Explains the Important Pointers Which are to be Included in fresher's Resume.

Who is a Fresher?

As the name suggests, a fresher is someone who hasn’t professionally worked on a full time basis

with any organization in the past. Having said that, in many organizations candidates who are switching over to a new professional field are also considered to be fresher.

Now, let us look at what points are to be included in a fresher’s resume to make it reach the hands of a recruiter

1. Keep your Resume On Point

A fresher’s resume, looking for the first job needs to be much more convincing than a normal resume. It needs to be apt & must use minimum words to give maximum information. The most important thing to keep in mind before drafting a resume is that it should be crisp and precise.

Free Fresher's Resume Template at

2. Write Down Your Contact Information (Correctly)

It’s important for the recruiter to have at least two ways of reaching back to you.

Meaning, you should always provide your contact information in your resume. That includes: 

 First and last name

 Email

 Phone number

 Location

The Video Explains Some Of The Important Pointers

3. Information should be properly structured

A fresher resume format generally doesn’t have too much professional experience to back up the CV,

hence a smart approach is required.

Rather than filling the resume randomly, a proper structure should be maintained. A fresher’s resume should give details about the candidate’s education, skills, technical skills, internships etc.

4. Don’t be too Modest

People have been told repeatedly that it is impolite to brag about yourself in public. This rule doesn’t apply on paper.

This is not the time to act humble. When writing a resume, you have to convince the recruiter that you’re worth talking to.

Being aware of your strengths is important and can show just how much of a valuable asset you are. So don’t underplay your achievements or be shy about what you have achieved.

5. Recos & References

While applying to a specific company, listing a friend or a senior who works or has worked in that organization as a reference speaks highly about your focus and preparedness. Other than this, having 2-3 references or a former teacher or employer who has written you a recommendation definitely helps.

Even a LinkedIn profile where your friends have tagged you on various work skills is great.

6. Use your Education Section to its Full Extent on a Fresher Resume

If you have just finished you studies and graduated without any other experience

This means —The education section of your resume is the most important part to your fresher resume, so this needs to be right!

This is how to list education on fresher resumes: BSc in Computer Science

Indian Institute of Technology, Powai September 2018 – June 2021

Focus: Data Science

Relevant Coursework: Python and SQL for Data Science, Research Design and Application for Data and Analysis, Fundamentals of Data Engineering, Applied Machine Learning, Experiments and Causal Inference, ML at Scale.

CGPA: 98% 

Honors & Awards: Dean’s List (past 5 semesters)

Note: One thing you should remember here is to mention your CGPA only if it’s higher than 90% (or 9 in MA). Otherwise, this thing won’t work to your advantage

7. Avoidable Stuff

Remember not to include any stuff which is irrelevant.

Few examples for the same are given below

 No information about your parents, home, family or pets  

 Don’t add graphics

 No slang or shortcuts as if you are Whatsapping someone.

 Don’t mention your previous or expected salary.

Those numbers are best saved for later negotiations. Save your cover letter and interview for showing them you have great social skills and problem solving abilities.

8. Add Other Sections for an Effective Fresher Resume

Most probably every recent graduate or fresher will have the above sections on their resume.

 Include additional resume sections to show you’re one of a kind.

 Here are some of the best extra sections to be include on a resume for fresher’s looking for the first


Resume Template for Fresher's:

9. Keep it to a single page

Fight the urge to oversell. Prospective employers know that you just graduated, so don’t try to make

yourself look like something you’re not. Otherwise, you’ll lose credibility.


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  • Which of the Pointer do you think is most important ?

  • Is there any Pointer that you experienced yourself which is not mentioned here ?

Either way. Let us know by leaving quick comment right now

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