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General Knowledge has always been a very interesting subject. It gives the students a chance to enhance their knowledge of various national and international events of the world.

General Knowledge or GK plays a major role in every students’ life as most of the competitive exams ask various questions based on general knowledge.

A good general knowledge quiz has a lot to offer. They’re fun, keep your brain sharp and best of all, they suit any occasion.

Bored? Do a quiz.

Hanging with friends? Go head-to-head.

At the pub? Work together to answer questions.

Having a meeting? Put PowerPoint away and test your colleagues.

Here at, we recognize the universal power of trivia. So we have conducted The Quiz on General Knowledge where all can take part and show there skills.

Importance of General Knowledge:

GK always has been an important section in most of the entrance examinations. Without answering general knowledge questions one cannot think of passing an entrance exam.

Candidates generally tend to devote more time in the preparation of Mathematics, English, Reasoning, and Aptitude and less time for general knowledge, and here they make a big mistake as even one number counts a lot in clearing a competitive exam. Things that seem simple may have the potential to change your life.

The other benefit of GK is that it makes your study or preparation more interesting as it covers a wide range of topics like history, geography, politics, awards and honors, everyday science, and more.

When you get bored of practicing reasoning or aptitude questions, you may switch to history, geography, etc.

Advantages of General Knowledge:

1. Keeps you updated: It keeps you updated that helps you remain one step ahead of others and stand out from the crowd.

2. Makes Conversation Interesting: It allows you to start a conversation with anyone even if you don't share common interests.

3. Improves Decision Making: GK is not limited to getting good grades and making a social impact. It also helps you take an important decision in your life.

4. Personality development and competitive spirit: By being aware of the basic facts and events about your country, and the world in different domains such as history, politics, games, etc.,

Improving General Knowledge

There are many ways to improve your General Knowledge

A) Reading books, Magazines, Newspaper are the best means to improve your General Knowledge.

B) Spending time with Friends and Professionals is another way to increase your general knowledge, it is also called as Socialization.

C) Social Media is another interesting platform to enhance your knowledge. By being active on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.,

you can easily upgrade your existing information.

D) News bulletins are the single best source of increasing general knowledge. They keep you abreast with whatever is happening in your city, state, country, and the world.

If you miss news bulletins for a day, watch weekly news roundups and news reviews. They provide excellent insights into what is happening.

Also remember to watch interesting channels such as Discovery, National Geographic, and History. They are a goldmine of information and services to increase your basic general knowledge in an interesting way.

Kaun Banega Crorepati’ hosted by Bollywood, the popular TV program is all about GK. You can watch this show to increase your GK too.

E) We live in the Internet age. This makes it easy to increase basic general knowledge. Understandably, there are countless websites where you can get information of all sorts for free.

There is only one danger: all information on various websites may not be genuine or proven. Therefore, it is essential to visit only those websites that carry genuine information.

We at Encourage Students by Hosting Quiz on General Knowledge

Register Now to Show your Skills.

Free Website where you can access General Knowledge.

Britannica is the world’s most famous brand of encyclopedia and the most expensive one too. But you can access some of their GK articles through their website. carries general knowledge in simple and easy-to-understand language.

This is a free online encyclopedia. You can get information on millions of subjects through General knowledge topics on this website are also easy to read and understand. They come with pictures and illustrations for a good learning experience and to improve GK.

The website is part of the world-famous History Channel. You may have the channel on your cable TV or DTH package. Regardless, you can also access their website,, and access information to increase general knowledge. This is a very reliable source of GK.

GK Topics

However, candidates are advised to go through the below-mentioned topics which can help them

  1. Various Government schemes

  2. Largest rivers, lakes, mountains in the world

  3. Latest Summits and Conferences

  4. Latest Awards and Nominations

  5. List of Ministers of India

  6. List of IPL and WorldCup Winners

  7. Largest National Parks and Sanctuaries

  8. Name of historical monuments in India

  9. UNESCO World Heritage

  10. Full forms of organisations

What’s next?

General knowledge is the gateway of our thinking. An individual who is well aware of current affairs and facts about the world is called an intellectual. So prepare yourself accordingly in this rapidly changing world.

Frequently asked Question.

Q1. Are all general knowledge quizzes multiple choice questions?

Answer- Most general knowledge quizzes are multiple-choice questions. However, sometimes you may not be given answer choices during a quiz.

Q2. Are English quiz questions on general knowledge difficult to answer?

Answer- Usually, general knowledge quizzes are not too difficult to answer. You may find some questions out of your knowledge but most of them are easy general quiz questions.

Q3. Are maths-related questions asked to test general knowledge?

Answer- Yes, easy math questions are often asked to test your general knowledge.

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