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How to Impress a Hiring Manager during an Interview

There are a few ways you can impress hiring managers in a job interview. You can stand out for your answers, your personality, aptitude, and experience, your knowledge of the company, and the questions you ask.

1. Understand the culture.

The easiest way to know about culture fit is to ask directly. While the supporting questions will tell you how the company is living its values and how a particular manager fits in the culture, the best way to know about what the office is really going to feel like is to be straightforward.

  1. Know your company's mission, vision, values and goals.

  2. Carefully read the orientation information provided by your new employer.

  3. Observe - In the first few days, watch and learn how people interact, talk or relate to each other, but also participate when needed.

2. Be enthusiastic.

Make it clear to the hiring manager that you are enthusiastic about the opportunity to work for that company in that specific role.

Enthusiasm also entails demonstrating interest in your day-to-day tasks. For example, you can describe your job tasks with interest when training a new employee, and you can offer tips for getting the job done more efficiently to others performing the same task.

3. Don’t lie about negative work experiences

Just about everyone has a bad work experience at some point that ends in termination or resignation from a position. Maybe a supervisor was overly demanding, a co-worker excessively manipulative or perhaps an underlying conflict created a hostile work environment.

The HR manager will ask you about your past negative work experience. Be honest about it and try to use it as a strong point. Tell them about how you had problems working with the previous company and how you overcame the problems. This will show how you don’t panic dealing with problems but find ways to overcome them. Also, your honesty will surely be appreciated.

Being honest is one of the best thing you do to impress Employer.

4. Ask questions about the company

If you ask about the background information and working of the company, this might help you in gaining extra points. It will show how passionate and interested you are to join the company. Also, try engaging them in talking about the company and share all the information you know about the company. For that, research well about the company before going to the interview.

Career development. It's important to show that you're ambitious, so don't be afraid to ask about what kind of prospects there are for career development and progression.

5. Follow up with a thank you letter

Once you are done with the interview, send a thank you letter to the human resource department’s email. It will help you gain extra points and will show your manners. It is basically to tell them that you appreciate they took interest in you and are eager to work with them.

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