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How to Crack Chartered Accountant Interview Questions.

In every organisation, chartered accountants (CA) play an important role by helping companies manage their financial records and meet all regulatory requirements. In their first jobs, CA freshers can learn many financial concepts, apply their learnings and professionally grow. If you want to apply for CA fresher job after your education, learning about the interview questions can help you prepare well. In this article, we discuss some general CA fresher interview questions, explore some questions about educational background and in-depth subject-related questions, look at some sample answers and discover tips that can help you succeed in an interview.

1. Give me a brief about your educational background.

Educational qualifications refer to certificates, diplomas, or degrees a person has received certifying that he or she has successfully completed an education program. The term educational qualifications is a more general term than academic qualifications.

Here are some general tips for discussing your education during an interview:

  1. Keep it relevant and recent. Highlight aspects of your education that relate to the job and company at hand.

  2. Education = work.

  3. Don't repeat your resume.

  4. Extracurriculars and certifications count.

2. Describe three things you learned during your internship.

An internship is an opportunity to test drive a career without making any serious commitments. It provides you with experiences, lessons, and the tools you’ll need to get a full-time gig in the future.

Answer should be about the things that you learned from your internship so that it benifits the company.

Some of the important things you learn from an internship

  • New and improved skills and how to apply them.

  • Professional communications.

  • Networking is important.

  • Taking constructive criticism well.

  • Work hard no matter what you're doing.

  • Independence.

  • Making connections.

  • You're more important than you think.

3. Explain the golden rules of accounting.

The journal entries are passed on the basis of the Golden Rules of accounting. To apply these rules one must first ascertain the type of account and then apply these rules. Debit what comes in, Credit what goes out. Debit the receiver, Credit the giver. Debit all expenses Credit all income.

So this is one of the important question asked in the CA interview.

4. What skills can help chartered accountants do well at their jobs?

By asking this question, interviewers may try to understand if you understand the requirements of a chartered accountant's job. It tells them that you are aware of the skills that can help them do well at their job. You can learn about these skills by reading CA job descriptions on different sites. You can also talk to your seniors or mentors to understand the job's requirements, the challenges they may have faced and the required skills. This can help you answer other related questions during your interview.

5. You have consistently failed five times. Why should we hire you when we have an option between you and a rank holder?

This might be the time where you feel downwards but don’t let yourself be. Don’t let your failure come on your face.

Your answer should be like – Sir, I have given five attempts, dedicatedly devoted my 2 ½ years in CA Final which delineates my level of patience towards my goals. Possibly being a rank holder he is possessing better knowledge than me but surely I am far more patient to achieve my goals.

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