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Highest Paying Career after MBA .

An MBA can enhance your marketability as a professional and increase the quality and quantity of job opportunities. Over 98% of Wharton MBA graduates are extended full-time job offers. An MBA also helps you build business leadership skills, as well as a professional network.

The core courses in an MBA program cover various areas of business administration such as accounting, applied statistics, human resources, business communication, business ethics, business law, strategic management, business strategy, finance, managerial economics, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, supply-chain .

In a 2-year MBA program, students study core subjects like Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Management, Entrepreneurship, and Business Law, among others. The MBA course syllabus for the first two semesters is the same for all MBA specializations.

Here are The Top 5 Jobs for Mba Graduates.

1. Marketing Manager.

Opting for an MBA in Marketing gives you several job opportunities in the marketing aspects of the business. You can work in areas such as brand marketing, sales, various marketing channels, product management, leadership management skills, market research and consumer behaviour, to name a few. Most MBAs start off in a generalist marketing manager role right after graduation. After gaining experience, they may later choose to enter a more specialized role such as social media management.

2. Business Operations Manager.

An MBA in operations management personnel is responsible for overseeing the company's operations by ensuring they're efficient and effective. They are the backbone of the company's day-to-day operations and help in delivering quality products/services at the right cost and on schedule.

Business Operations Managers rank #11 in Best Business Jobs. Jobs are ranked according to their ability to offer an elusive mix of factors. Read more about how we rank the best jobs.

3. Health Services Manager.

Medical and health services managers oversee the planning and operations of health care facilities like hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Rather than providing direct patient care, health care managers ensure that health care facilities operate efficiently so that other health care professionals can do their jobs.

Apart from the abovementioned jobs, healthcare management career options also includes various marketing and sales roles such as consultant, healthcare associate, marketing executive, business lead, hospital operations executive, health insurance executive, HR executive, finance executives, etc.

4. Investment Fund Manager.

A fund manager is a stock market professional who is responsible for managing funds' portfolios in a mutual fund company. Students can study BBA and MBA to become fund managers.

Investment fund managers provide financial advice and services to private and corporate clients about a range of investment matters, including buying and selling investment trusts and shares or bonds, to help these clients invest their money in the best places.

5. Information Technology Director.

An information technology (IT) director is the person in charge of technology within an organization. IT directors manage technology resources and employees to ensure that IT operations run smoothly.

A company that relies on IT extensively may hire multiple chief information officers to meet their goals and grow as a business. Such companies hire professionals with a background in IT and business administration, making an MBA in Information Technology the best MBA degree to hold for this position.

Some of the Important Questions asked by MBA Graduates.

Is MBA good for future?

An MBA degree will open doors to a world of opportunities and take your career up several notches. If you choose the right specialization early on, not only will you gain a competitive edge, but you will also gain more benefits over the years to come.

Which MBA job has highest salary?

Here are The Highest Paying Jobs for MBA Candidates

  • Investment Banker. Investment bankers are involved in raising money in capital markets and providing financial advice for both private companies and the government.

  • Project Manager.

  • Consulting.

  • Business Development Manager.

  • Marketing Manager.

Is MBA a successful career?

MBA graduates can make a successful career in any field of their interest provided they have the skill sets and the ability to grow and adapt to the challenges.

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Who earns more CA or MBA?

The average salary of a Chartered Accountant in India is 8-9 lakhs per annum. Furthermore, the CA toppers can get annual packages of 15 to 20 lakhs. In the case of MBA graduates from IIMs, their average package is around 18 to 20 lakhs per annum.

What is the salary of MBA in TCS?

Average TCS MBA Finance fresher salary in India is ₹ 6.5 Lakhs for experience between 2 years to 4 years. MBA Finance fresher salary at TCS India ranges between ₹ 3.1 Lakhs to ₹ 13.0 Lakhs.

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