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Effective Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Landing a job interview, leave alone getting a job is a tussle to many job hunters. When you write your CV, what steps do you normally start with? Perhaps, penning down the responsibilities especially those that are related to a job description.

How then can you ensure your CV stands out?

Here are Few Steps -

1. Start Strong and Optimise Top Quarter

A CV that is started strong will finish strong. The top quarter of the CV determines if the employer will read the whole CV or not. It should have the key skills and experience needed by the employer. If the requirements are not available in your CV, then the employer will proceed to the next CV. Ensure the CV is simple to read.

2. Light Up Your Unique Selling Point

Chances are the employers already have gleaned this from your CV, so don’t bother repeating it. The question of why you think you are suitable should be answered in your CV before an interview because many applicants may have the same qualifications as you but how will you stand out from them? Unique skills will differentiate you from the crowd and do not forget to back your achievements with statistics.

3. Include a header and summary or objective

Recruiters review a large volume of resumes each day. Including a header and summary or objective can help hiring managers notice your resume among others. When adding a header, make sure your name is at the very top. If you have space, make the font size slightly larger. Include your address (or just city and state), phone number and email address. Include contact information where the hiring manager is most likely to reach you.

4. Make it visually appealing

While recruiters will appreciate a well-designed resume, make sure your creativity is professional. Here are a few things to consider when designing a modern resume:
Font style: Make sure the font you use is legible. Use a professional font like Georgia, Times New Roman, Calibri or Helvetica.
Font size: Choosing an appropriately-sized font will ensure a recruiter’s ability to read the content of your resume. Size 12 font should suffice.
Template: Keep your designs minimal and aesthetically appealing. If you’re using a template, make sure the visual elements don’t distract from the content of your resume.
Color choices: Use an attractive color scheme when designing your resume. Opt for black, white and a third color like blue or green. White is a great background color, black is best for text and your third color can highlight important details on your resume.

5. Submit a cover letter

When employers have you submit a resume online, they might ask you for a cover letter as well. Even if it’s not required, sending a cover letter is a great way to stand out as a candidate. If you do, make sure the design and color scheme of your cover letter matches that of your resume for a more cohesive look.

6. Understand The Mindset of the CV Reader

When doing your research, find out who the interviewer will be as this will give you an idea of how you will go about your CV. Write your CV keeping the reader in mind and do not forget that some employers use the ATS system and therefore the keywords used should be selected carefully.

7. Use a modern resume design

While the proper way to make a resume doesn’t change much over time, the best way to design your resume does.

One way to make your resume stand out and grab the attention of employers is by updating it with a sleek new resume template.

If you’re applying for a job in more creative fields like graphic design or advertising, add some bolder splashes of color to your resume and play around with more unique resume headers.

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