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Are you from Sales? Facing issue to Set Targets We have got easy to use Sales Forecast Templates

Business plan are always Sales Driven ,revenue forecast plays the most important part.

A start up or business can use this template to plan there sales.

This can be used for up to 3 types of Products lines.This is a easy to use Template you will have to fill details as per your sales target you want to achieve and which is feasible also.

While deciding your sales target you , it should be thoroughly planned , processed and backed with numbers.

You can also updated COGS (cost of Good Sales ) in this template which will give you fair idea for the gross profit level for your organization.

This templates can be used by Sales team, Finance team and can be used to determine KPI of Sales team.

Please use it and review this for us. If any improvement is required please let us know for the same.

You can use this template to plant and review your targets you have also Charts showing Sales and COGS and comparison charts for last 3 years sales.

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